• If Oscar's victim had been black

    "The most eagerly awaited trial in South African legal history"? What if Reeva Steenkamp had been a black man?

    Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius stands inside the court as a police officer looks on during his bail hearing at the...

  • Spot the illuminati

    All-seeing eye? Your illuminati obsession might just be making you blind to the real struggles for power.

    Successful African artist? Sure sign of illuminati membership. Increasingly, in Africa, it is impossible for an...

  • Ejiofor wins, governor loses mind

    What does it say when a state governor takes out a full-page ad congratulating BAFTA winner Chiwetel Ejiofor?

    British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor poses with the award for a leading actor for his work on the film "12 Years a Slave"...

  • Uganda’s mini-skirt ban decoy

    While Ugandans are distracted by sex, a potentially more disastrous bill is going unnoticed.

    While Ugandans are distracted by the decoy of sex (aka pornography and the mini-skirt hoopla), a potentially more...

  • Why are we excusing Blackface?

    White people blacking up to caricature Black people reinforces stereotypes, yet we make excuses for it. Why?

    A white actor portrays black politicians as liars in an ad for the Cape Town Fish Market . The spot was pulled...

  • “I could rape you, you know that?”

    How did we lose our humanity to such an extent in South Africa that we think rape is a joke or a pick-up line?

    Rape is so common in South Africa that we have developed a “rape culture” that allows us to dismiss,...

  • Uganda’s anti-gay bill

    Obama joins Museveni and Ugandans in an orgy of pretence, wilful blindness and selective memory

    President Museveni of Uganda (Source: Wikipedia) Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda recently...

  • Light skin, dark skin

    The Politics of Skin Colour: Why do light-skinned women dominate the billboards in Ghana?

    Before and after pictures of Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant winner (2009) Miriam Abdul Rauf, popularly known as...

  • Stop Americanising African women!

    Why do many African women think that confidence means being aggressive like their American counterparts?

    Google “powerful African women” and your heart will be warmed by the achievements of the women you...

  • 25 and not Married!

    So what? A husband is no longer the height of female accomplishment. But try telling your parents that.

    Every girl’s dream? (Ankara Wedding by Readyluck Photography ) 50 years ago an unmarried 25-year-old...

  • 6 Kenyan middle-class anxieties

    What are members of Kenya’s middle-class so anxious? Aren’t they supposed to be on the rise?

    We’re in a bar. Shouldn’t we be looking relaxed? The Kenyan middle class is on the rise, or so the...

  • Nairobi’s teen sex problem

    Pubescent girls in Nairobi are having sex while their parents still treat the topic as taboo.

    Sex education class at a secondary school in Kenya, but this is part of an independent Christian/missionary...

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  • “Remember who we are” – DJ Zhao’s NGOMA Classic 2 - Afrobeat

    Since Fela’s voice is much cooler than mine, I have switched out my intro with his, and this mix originally made to promote BlackBox number 1 has grown into a proper NGOMA release – with a few changes and much new goodness, including two wicked special edits – one of the Ethio classic by Mahmoud Ahmed (following a funktastic number by Berlin’s own Woima Collective ), and another of a very unique cosmic disco track by the techno-head Lego Welt ’s Afrocentric alter ego Nacho Patrol . Old version of this mix can still be heard here . more >