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This is Africa welcomes African artists to send their music, news about releases, links to download of mix tapes, promo tapes, etc.

You can send your submission via e-mail to

We receive many songs and mails, therefore we can't always respond to every mail. We will listen to all music you send us, and if we are interested or we need more details we will contact you.

When submitting music, please follow these guidelines:
-attach your music to the e-mail you send, or include a link to a website where we can download the music
-accepted file format: mp3, minimal bitrate: 192 kb/s
-do not try to attach songs from cd directly without converting to mp3: it won't work, or the file size will be too large
-never send an e-mail with attachments over 15 mb!

And make sure you include:
-artist name, track title, country, date/year of release
-a link to your website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook page or Twitter account, if you have any
-a short bio, or write a short paragraph introducing the group or artist
-an artist picture, if you have one
-TIA focuses on music from the African continent and African artists in the diaspora. if it isn't clear from your bio or music, briefly explain the link your music has to Africa.

Your music submission carries with it your implicit permission to air the tracks we select on TIA as well as your authority to grant such permission. If you have restrictions on which tracks we may or may not play, you must clearly communicate that information to us along with your submission. Your only recourse if we select tracks for airplay that you do not wish played on TIA is to inform us you would like your track(s) pulled from the playlist, and we will promptly comply.

Please be aware that your music submission to TIA does not guarantee a review or airplay on our streams.  If we don't review or playlist your music, it doesn't mean we don't like your music. It's just that we can't possibly review or playlist everything we receive, and we our selections have to reflect the identity of our streams.    

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If we like your music, TIA may use it to:

- write about it on the website
- add your track to the African Hit Radio stream
- if you allow sharing of your track, we may add it in the Downloads section
- If we add your music to one of our streams, a buy button linking to iTunes and Spotify will appear in our media player, but only if you or your label are selling your music on these platforms.

Make sure you read the disclaimer on this page about music use.

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    Since Fela’s voice is much cooler than mine, I have switched out my intro with his, and this mix originally made to promote BlackBox number 1 has grown into a proper NGOMA release – with a few changes and much new goodness, including two wicked special edits – one of the Ethio classic by Mahmoud Ahmed (following a funktastic number by Berlin’s own Woima Collective ), and another of a very unique cosmic disco track by the techno-head Lego Welt ’s Afrocentric alter ego Nacho Patrol . Old version of this mix can still be heard here . more >