Ghetto Radio

In February 2008 the Ghetto Radio Foundation set up a radio operation in Nairobi, Kenya. The station transmits on 89.5FM to the wider area of Nairobi and has become one of the country’s most popular youth stations.

Ghetto Radio primary target was Nairobi’s Eastlands, an area known for its ghetto and slum neighbourhoods. Prior to Ghetto Radio’s establishment, the area had been ignored by commercial media. Eastlands' inhabitants, who make up 60% of the capital’s population, now have a major outlet through Ghetto Radio.

Ghetto Radio is a community station, realised on a commercial revenue basis; the business operations are sustained entirely by advertising. As the major stakeholders [government and commercial industry] have begun to realise that media operations in marginalised urban areas can be beneficial in all sorts of ways, they have started to support Ghetto Radio and invest in it from a commercial perspective.

The station runs on an urban music format, copyright of the Ghetto Radio Foundation, and available for franchising to other media operations across Africa. Criteria for expansion into new markets are:

-    Urban area
-    There is an urge for attention on marginalised areas and audiences
-    There are commercial opportunities for such a radio format
-    The infrastructure for the lease of a license and frequency in such areas exists
-    Potential pool of talented staff  

Ghetto Radio’s format has been recognised as unique: focussing on marginalised urban areas, using a mix of street language, local culture and urban music, and a street-level journalistic approach. Ghetto Radio is managed and staffed by a young crew from ghetto areas, all of who understand the codes and responsibilities of a street-credible and reliable operation.

Ghetto Radio benefits greatly from the use of social media. The interaction with its audience via mobile messages and Facebook updates links private opinion to social issues.

Ghetto Radio is also involved in a number of social events during the year, an expression of its desire to truly contribute to the community via media and social activities.

In Kenya, Ghetto Radio is staffed by 16 employees, and under the management of Station Manager Julius Owino. Management is under control of the Ghetto Radio Trust and a joint venture with Kenya’s National Broadcasting Company.

Ghetto Radio has won numerous awards for its contributions to society and for specific radio hosting disciplines.

Ghetto Radio is ambitious to extend its success in Nairobi to other African capitals. If you think you can have a significant input in setting up a radio business for marginalised urban areas in any African capital, please send us your proposal; it will be examined with care and confidentiality.  

Ghetto Radio has proven its success by its significant social impact in local communities and by its commercial impact in an initially sceptical commercial market. If you want more a more detailed and deeper understanding of our media operation you can request a full presentation based on research and company information.

Live stream:
Tel nr.             +254 711 443886
Iphone app:

Read more about Ghetto Radio and download the brochure (PDF-format, 500 Kb).

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Radio Schedule

Local time in Kenya is UTC/GMT +3 hours.

05:00 Inspirational music

06:00 Brekko
Solloo, Kanana & King Kafu

10:00 Mmaba: African jams non-stop

11:00 Niaje Niaje
Linda & Moha

14:00 Mmaba: African jams non-stop

15:00 Goteana
Captain Mbusi & Bonoko

19:00 Chart show

20:00 Syndicated shows

23:00 Late Night

01:00 Diaspora
Dj Whizzy

20:00 Jahmrock Doba (until 23:00)
DJ Musty

20:00 Hip Hop Republic (until 23:00)

20:00 FNL - Friday Night Live (until 00:00)
DJ Prince

07:00 Legalize

10:00 Sare Madre
King Kafu & Bonoko

11:00 Selektion za oldskul
King Kafu

13:00 Ngoma mbao noma

15:00 Offside
Curtis & Polosa

19:00 GNL - Gospel Night Live (until 23:00)
Essie & Dj Prince

06:00 Rada

10:00 Chanuka Dada

13:00 Dj Talent Show
Various deejays

17:00 Reggae Kuruka (until 19:00)
Mbusii & Lion

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