African Leadership

  • Joyce Banda: Lame Duck

    Unlike the international community, Malawians aren’t surprised that Joyce Banda is not a shoe-in for president.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, meets with Malawi’s President Joyce Banda Sunday (in...

  • President Mugabe @90

    The last of the liberation war generation capable of articulating the cause is now more symbol than leader.

    President Mugabe of Zimbabwe President Mugabe turns 90 this week. He is probably the last of Zimbabwe’s...

  • Jacob Zuma, think like an African

    Zuma appears to believe the myth that the more an African country was colonised, the better developed it is

    (Photo: Reuters) President Jacob Zuma is generally a man who harbours little fear of the negative consequences of...

  • The ANC needs a wake-up call.

    Many are now asking: “What has the ANC achieved over the past twenty years?”

    Jacob Zuma campaigning I stand in a queue, snaking along the sidewalk, rubbing shoulders with my fellow South...

  • African Dogs of War

    What is it, exactly, that African leaders do for the little people of God?

    Rebels of the SELEKA coalition in the Central African Republic patrol on a road 12kms from the city of Damar, on...

  • South Africa's New Apartheid

    The A to Z of things we cannot simply blame on apartheid (or did not expect in a democratic South Africa) – Part 2

    Hendrik Joggem, one of the Karretjie Mense, stands alongside his shack on Nov. 8, 2013, about 60km outside of...

  • The A – Z of failing South Africa

    The A to Z of things we cannot simply blame on apartheid (or did not expect in a democratic South Africa) – Part 1

    Lena Sors and Isak Arnoster, Karretjie Mense, sit alongside their shack on Nov. 8, 2013, about 60km outside of...

  • Liar! Hypocrite!

    A daughter’s scathing letter to her father, the country's former president, holds a mirror up to Nigerians

    Olusegun Obasanjo, former Head of the Federal Military Government (1976-1979) and ex-president of Nigeria...

  • Mandela, Obasanjo and Jonathan

    Former Nigerian president’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan leaked as the world mourned Madiba

    Former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo (L) and current president Goodluck Jonathan (R)   From the...

  • Madiba unites us in death

    How does one even begin to attempt to say goodbye to a giant among men?

    The wise Desmond Tutu, in the midst of a dark moment, has managed to shine light on Mandela’s humorous side....

  • Nelson Mandela

    Africa has lost its greatest son

    Nelson Mandela insisted on living with dignity, and dying in like manner. With his death today, the world, not...

  • African Solutions

    If the African Union denounces ICC, we need reassurance from our leaders

    I am not writing this piece to pick an argument with my president or any of the African heads of state who met in...

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  • “Remember who we are” – DJ Zhao’s NGOMA Classic 2 - Afrobeat

    Since Fela’s voice is much cooler than mine, I have switched out my intro with his, and this mix originally made to promote BlackBox number 1 has grown into a proper NGOMA release – with a few changes and much new goodness, including two wicked special edits – one of the Ethio classic by Mahmoud Ahmed (following a funktastic number by Berlin’s own Woima Collective ), and another of a very unique cosmic disco track by the techno-head Lego Welt ’s Afrocentric alter ego Nacho Patrol . Old version of this mix can still be heard here . more >