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African Hit Radio is the number one online urban African radio station playing non-stop music from all over the African continent. Listen to the biggest hits in popular styles like coupé décalé, kwaito, hiplife, naija, zouglou, bongo flava, kuduro, zouk and more. New tracks are added daily!
Every weekend the TIA deejays join in to play live sets from the club or a home dj setup, and every monday Afrik Lounge brings the latest news from the diaspora and interviews with some of Africa's biggest pop and film stars.

To listen, launch the player above, download the free TIA app for Iphone or Android, read the instructions for TuneIn & Xiia (Android & Blackberry) or use the links below for your favorite player:

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Afrik Lounge

Every monday evening from 8pm (GMT+1) from Denver, Colorado (USA), one hour of music, news and interviews from the diaspora.


Dj Zaga

Every Thursday from 8 PM to 11 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, or 2 AM to 5 AM Central European Time) from Akron, Ohio, USA with Dj Zaga (Ghana) playing African hit material


Live from Kahuna Nite Club

Every second Friday from 3 AM to 5 AM (Central European time, GMT+2) from Accra, Ghana with Dj Mineral Latouche playing Ghanaian and French African dance tracks

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TIA Radio Schedule

Non-stop African hit radio from all over the African continent. Every weekend live dj-sets from Accra, Cape Town and the USA!

From early morning to the deep hours of the night, the African Hit Radio stream is always on, playing new music from the African continent and diaspora. Have a request or suggested artist? Let us know.

20:00 - 23:00 EDT (eastern time, USA)
DJ Zaga
USA / Ghana

02:00 - 03:00, every second week
Dj Mineral Latouche (Club Kahuna, Accra)

22:00 - 00:00
Dj Brian (Club Amadoda, Cape Town)
South Africa

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  • “Remember who we are” – DJ Zhao’s NGOMA Classic 2 - Afrobeat

    Since Fela’s voice is much cooler than mine, I have switched out my intro with his, and this mix originally made to promote BlackBox number 1 has grown into a proper NGOMA release – with a few changes and much new goodness, including two wicked special edits – one of the Ethio classic by Mahmoud Ahmed (following a funktastic number by Berlin’s own Woima Collective ), and another of a very unique cosmic disco track by the techno-head Lego Welt ’s Afrocentric alter ego Nacho Patrol . Old version of this mix can still be heard here . more >