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This is Africa (TIA) is a leading forum for African opinion, arts and music. TIA is available through the website thisisafrica.me, mobile phone apps and online radio channels.

Our specific functions are:

  • To bring the hottest music and the most notable fashion, film, photography and art coming out of urban Africa today into the lives of pop culture fans all over the world.  
  • To bind a new generation of global music and culture fans to Africa and Africans, and show that what we have in common far outnumbers our differences.
  • To refresh the world's view of Africa, correct misperceptions and shatter old stereotypes, by showing that what gives urban Africa its funk and vibe today is far removed from the tired and narrow clichés of safaris, traditional drums, corruption, poverty, war and disease. We're do this not only online but also via school tours and by forming partnerships with institutions like Movies That Matter.   

This Is Africa is a label of the Ghetto Radio Foundation, a Pan-African initiative that supports and develops radio broadcasting across the continent by setting up FM radio stations in marginalised areas of urban Africa for the purpose of giving the "voiceless" the means to make their voices heard. (Ghetto Radio)

This Is Africa is managed by an African and European crew. We are always on the lookout for new contributors so if you have your finger on the pulse of what's going on in African music, fashion, art, film or any other area of pop culture and you'd like to share this with the world via This Is Africa, send an email to info@thisisafrica.me

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To change the world's outdated perceptions of Africa via its popular culture, artists, musicians, tastemakers and style leaders.


General enquiries, comments, artist suggestions or track suggestions: please use the contact form.

Marketing, business development & operations: Nancy Onyango - nancy@thisisafrica.me

Editorial: Siji Jabbar - siji@thisisafrica.me

This Is Africa office: tel. +31 6 5478 0644; e-mail: info@thisisafrica.me


Postal address, the Netherlands:

This Is Africa
Nieuwmarkt 7
1011 JP,  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Kenya office:

Ghetto Radio Nairobi
Security building adjacent to Equity Bank, Ngara,
Near to Family Bank

Free downloads

  • “Remember who we are” – DJ Zhao’s NGOMA Classic 2 - Afrobeat

    Since Fela’s voice is much cooler than mine, I have switched out my intro with his, and this mix originally made to promote BlackBox number 1 has grown into a proper NGOMA release – with a few changes and much new goodness, including two wicked special edits – one of the Ethio classic by Mahmoud Ahmed (following a funktastic number by Berlin’s own Woima Collective ), and another of a very unique cosmic disco track by the techno-head Lego Welt ’s Afrocentric alter ego Nacho Patrol . Old version of this mix can still be heard here . more >

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